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How to buy Various models once and come out all in one purchase ?

Choice Each Parts And Add To Cart , After This , Check all the parts and Place Order ,If Need Help , Send a Message to the Seller.

About Charging Board, What is the Difference Between Original , Copy With IC Chip , And Copyno IC Quality ?

Original Quality :Support Fast Charging, Headphone OTG, USB cable data transfer Microfone Works Well , Strong Signal .Very Good Catches the Internet .Long Life . The Best Quality .

Copy With IC Chip : Support Fast Charging, Headphone OTG, USB Cable Data Transfer,Microfone Works Well ,Signal Well , Small Difference Between Original looks.

Copy No IC:Only Charging , Microphone Works , Temporary Substitute , No Fast Charging , Easy Loose signal Radio,But Cheap Price . Normal Quality

For Personal Use : We Recommend Customer Choose Origina.


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